Like in everything we do, this website has objectives which help us to maintain a sense of focus.

Primary objective:
To be a weekly source of personally-culled information about general issues from the Catholic perspective.

Topics added may vary but certain ones like the monthly calendar, weekly reflection and saint of the day are of monthly/weekly/daily relevance and these provide the impetus for regular updates.

Secondary objective:
To be a cyber means of personal faith news to our friends irrespective of location.

In these times, physical distance assumes a lower significance when tools of communication become more advanced and staying in contact may mean just having access to the internet. While we bemoan the lack of physical contact in this cyberage, web access can be a palliative of sorts.

Copyright and clarification
This is a private website that serves to inform and edify visitors on various issues pertaining to the Catholic Faith. The website does not exist to serve a commercial purpose.

The materials on this website that are drawn from elsewhere are given full attribution of copyright status as stated at source.

All materials used comply with the twin pillars of the Catholic Faith ie that of Tradition and Scriptures and, to the best of our knowledge, adhere to the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

With regards to any error, clarification or feedback regarding the website, and so that appropriate action may be taken, please contact us via the message box by clicking on "E-mail Me" at the bottom of the homepage.